Lakers Trade Rumors On Paul Millsap + Kent Bazemore, Austin Reaves Trade Candidates? LeBron LEAVING?

Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors are up for discussion on the Lakers Report by Chat Sports. With the NBA Trade Deadline coming up on February 10, Lakers trade rumors continue to stay hot. Today, we’re talking about Paul Millsap to the Lakers, a Kent Bazemore trade and whether or not the Lakers should trade Austin Reaves. Lakers Report host Chase Senior is breaking down the latest Lakers news and Lakers rumors.

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Could the Lakers trade for Paul Millsap? Will the Lakers end up trading away Paul Millsap? If the Lakers want to upgrade their roster, could they make an Austin Reaves trade to get a good player in return? Those are the Lakers trade rumors we’re diving into. Charles Oakley also believes that LeBron James could leave the Los Angeles Lakers to end his legendary career.

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Kent Bazemore rumors:
B/R’s Jake Fischer: Lakers are looking to trade Bazemore ahead of the trade deadline
Began the season in the starting lineup, but his role has faded
The clock is ticking: 8 days until deadline

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Austin Reaves rumors:
CBS Sports listed Reaves as a trade asset for the “all-in buyers” Lakers
Reaves has impressed as an undrafted rookie
Lakers are limited in their trade assets

Paul Millsap rumors:
​​Fischer: Lakers mentioned as a potential suitor for Millsap if he hits buyout market
Nets have been looking to find him a bigger role on a different team
Rumors: Millsap prefers a move to Chicago

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