Labelling| Meaning, Types, Features, Functions |Marketing Management|L-11|Business Studies| Class 12

Labelling | Labelling as a Component of Product Mix |Meaning of Labelling | Types of Labelling | Simple Tag as Labelling | Elaborated Tags as Labelling | Features of Labelling | Functions of Labelling | Labelling as a Carrier of Information | Labelling as a Silent Sales Man | Types, Features, Functions of Labelling in Product Mix | Product Mix as an Element of Marketing in Marketing Management in Business Studies for Class 12 || Labelling - Provider of information Required by Law | Labelling- Making the Product Different | Labelling- Helping in Identification | Labelling - Specifying the Product | Labelling | Product Mix | Marketing Management | Business Studies | Class 12 | Marketing Management|Lesson-11|Business Studies| Business Studies for Class 12 as per CBSE | Business Studies for Class 12 as per NCERT | Business Studies For Class 12 by Poonam Gandhi |
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