Kubernetes Policy, Governance...- Jim Bugwadia, Anca Sailer, Jayashree Ramanathan, Robert Ficcaglia

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Kubernetes Policy, Governance, And Compliance: A WG Policy Update - Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata; Anca Sailer, IBM Research; Jayashree Ramanathan, Red Hat; Robert Ficcaglia, Sunstone Secure

Speakers: Jim Bugwadia, Jayashree Ramanathan, Anca Sailer, Robert Ficcaglia
Kubernetes policies can help simplify management particularly of multiple clusters, scale Day 2 operations, and automate security and resiliency and software engineering concerns, thereby optimizing cost of operations. Policies also serve as the building block to help enforce multi-cluster governance and deliver continuous compliance and readiness for audits. The Kubernetes Policy Working Group (WG) focuses on defining overall architecture recommendations and guidance on both current policy related implementations as well as future policy related proposals in Kubernetes. Join this session to find out about the working groups current and upcoming projects, and also learn how you can get involved to learn and contribute.
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