Kremlin Was Shaken By This News: Private Russian Soldiers Joined Forces With Ukraine Against Putin

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There are many important factors that determine the course of a war. The military power of states, the management skills of leaders, the equipment of armies, the motivation of soldiers, geographical conditions and many other things affect the course of a war. But what happens if one of these changes during the course of a war? For example, if soldiers start switching sides, how will the war end? This question has almost never been asked until now. Because it is exceptional for soldiers to switch sides. But it happens in the Russian army!

This war between Russia and Ukraine is leading to extraordinary events. The story of a soldier who left the Russian army and joined the Ukrainian army was very surprising for everyone. As Anka Daily News team, we investigated the story of this soldier for you! You can support independent journalism to continue such news. For this, you can use the "Super Thanks" button below the video. Let's start if you are ready!

Russia has been under very bad rule for a long time! Russia has been ruled by Putin since 1999. Babies born the year Putin came to power are now serving as soldiers in the Russian army! These young soldiers don't want to die because of Putin's policies! That's why Russian soldiers are making moves that will change the course of the war!

Some Russian soldiers start mutinies or desert the army. Some Russian soldiers take a bolder decision! A group of Russian soldiers surrendered to the Ukrainian army! These surrendered soldiers made a decision that could change the course of the war! Russian soldiers decided to join the Ukrainian army in order to end this war as soon as possible and end Putin's rule.

The story of one of these soldiers is quite interesting! The Russian soldier is nicknamed Professor. For his safety, we will refer to him as a professor in this article.

The Russian soldier was very successful throughout his education! After graduating at the top of all his schools, he started to study for his master's degree. He was so smart and successful that his friends started calling him professor. Before he had finished his master's degree, war broke out. This war also turned the professor's life upside down!

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