Kolink Citadel MESH ATX ARGB PC Case This Is The One To Beat

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Kolink Citadel MESH ATX ARGB PC Case This is the one to beat!
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I make no apology for being pretty hyped about this one! Following on from arguably the BEST MATX case on the market - The Kolink Citadel MESH MATX ARGB , the ATX full sized version is almost everything the MATX version was but in a more flexible and larger format.
We now have the option for up to EATX sized motherboards
Up to 420mm RAD up front or 3 x140mm fans (the 3 included are 120mm)
Up to 360mm RAD in the top or 3 120mm fans or 2 140mm fans.
And in the rear there is an included 120mm ARGB fan which can also take a 140mm upgrade!

Add in the actually fully functional and remote or motherboard controlled ARGB and Fan hub and you have a new underdog for the mid tower case crown, yes Corsair 5000d and Phankteks P500 i'm looking at you!

This is the case I wanted when the MATX Citadel mesh was launched, and the wait was worth it. Maybe also add a version without the fans and hub at a reduced price though?

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