Koala threats and mitigation programs – KoalaCollab Conference Series 2021

Learn how Griffith University, the Queensland Government and local governments are taking a coordinated approach to koala threat mitigation in South East Queensland. Gain insight into how a researcher has developed a rapid test for detection of Chlamydia pecorum in koalas, the development of a living koala genome bank and a Chlamydia vaccine for koalas.

The KoalaCollab Conference Series 2021 is one of many initiatives being delivered under the South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy 2020-2025 to safeguard the future of koala populations across SEQ. This conference series focuses on the Strategy’s action area of community engagement and aims to increase collaboration across industry, government, research and community sectors.

00:00:00 Acknowledgement of Country
00:02:19 Working with councils across SEQ to implement community based awareness and threat management programs to support koala conservation
00:24:38 An overview of the multiplex PCR koala panel and C. pecorum point-of-care diagnostic test
0:49:02 Living koala genome bank project
1:13:56 Developing a chlamydial vaccine for koalas and session closing
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