Killer Employee Performance Reviews (Pt.3) | Exactly What to Say and How

Watch Part one of the series on How to do Killer Employee Performance Reviews.
Fast-track your management career for a higher salary and career security:


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Master the following skills:

- Performance improvement plans.
- The Leadership Styles.
- Situational Leadership.
- Transformational Leadership
- Authentic Leadership
- Persuasion and influence for managers.
- Advanced motivation techniques (individual and team).

As a manager or entrepreneur, employee performance reviews/appraisals can be stressful to deal with.
Performance reviews are transformational for your business - period. Get them right and they ensure that your business evolves and grows on a regular and agile cycle. For entrepreneurs and startup business owners, ignore them at your peril!

In this video, I share the main reasons from my own 25 years of experience in leadership development, HR and talent management how you should handle the situation.

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