Keri Davies: Rheoli busnes, Arallgyfeirio, Olyniaeth-Business Management, Diversification,Succession

Why Keri would be an effective mentor

- Five years ago, beef and sheep farmers Keri and his wife Julie started diversifying into a tourism business which has since expanded rapidly. They began with two American log homes and have since purchased a neighbouring farm and local pub. Their planned programme of business development has continued with 5* accommodation in a mix of converted and new buildings together with glamping pods. The business has also invested £150,000 in renewables in recent years

- Keri was selected to participate in the Agri Academy Rural Leadership programme when it first launched in 2012 and says the experience, benefits and new networks have been life-changing. A keen advocate of both personal and business development, two of his three children participated in the Junior programme. Keri credits this experience with giving him the confidence, skills and networks to become more involved with farm policy at a strategic level as well as developing a more strategic approach to business development

- Keri concentrates on rearing high-quality stock, alongside managing the farm effectively to ensure that every element of the business achieves its potential. With a keen eye on the future, he’s already making plans to involve his son and daughter with a robust succession plan

- Keri’s great communication skills have meant he’s proved to be a popular and effective spokesperson representing the industry in Wales and beyond. He’s keen to encourage other entrepreneurial farmers to consider new streams of income which can help them build up profitable and sustainable farm businesses
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