Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership


Leadership Training - Parts 1 & 2

Understand the role of a leader, their traits, how are they different to a manager
Look beyond the common leadership stereotypes
Learn how your personality traits interact with your leadership styles
Understand what Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI) is and choosing the best approach
Understand and Apply Situational Leadership
Understand and apply the 5 practices of exemplary leadership
Increase the performance of your team through developing team spirit

Leadership Training - Parts 3 & 4

Get the most out of your team by understanding the generational differences
Influence with passion and empower others to act by using rapport building techniques
Use creative problem-solving & decision-making methods
Improve your coaching and mentoring skills
Give feedback to inspire greater performance with engagement and buy-in
Identify and apply strategies to manage underperforming members of the team
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