Kempower ChargEye - Easy-to-use cloud-based charging management system for day-to-day operations.

Kempower ChargEye is a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based charging management system for Charge Point Operators and retailers, bus and truck operators and Off-Highway vehicle fleets. When Kempower chargers are connected to ChargEye system, charging network operator can easily monitor, manage and diagnose the day-to-day operations of the chargers and vehicles. ChargEye also ensures that the commercial vehicle fleet is always ready for duty on time when needed, while optimizing the energy costs and managing the vehicle fleet battery health. ChargEye directly integrates to other IT systems, such as fleet and schedule management systems, providing seamless operations and reporting.

For retailers and charging point operators, ChargEye enhances their customers charging experience with detailed charging information, while providing in-depth understanding on the charging patterns - including typical usage patterns and vehicle make and model.

Read more about Kempower ChargEye: https://kempower.com/charging-solutions/
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