Kelli Dennehey Christina -Living a fantastic life in Alanon & changing your thinking 10 Points in 10

January 8, 2022-Thank you Stephan Neff for your time on your show. I enjoyed the 10 points in 10 minutes to discuss life and life program philosophy.

Kelli Christina is an International Best-selling author, public speaker, CEO, and business coach. She has worked part-time on government projects for ten years and loves "making a difference" in today's world. Kelli Christina attributes her success to her hard work, education, and determination. With 20 years of specialized medical recruiting experience and 10 years in business management, she is currently the CEO, owner, and director of recruiting for KD-Staffing. Ms Christina created KD-Staffing on the idea that “recruiting is an art.” She has perfected her skills in this “art” through several managerial and leadership positions since the start of her career; she became a restaurant manager and a boss at nineteen years old. Before she started a career in recruiting, Ms Christina obtained a bachelor’s degree in business, hotel, and restaurant management from the University of North Texas. With 30 years of career experience, her advice to younger generations of women entering the workforce is to remember the importance of education. She also advises them to be strong-willed and to never give up.

3 top tips for my audience:
1. Gratitude and a positive attitude
2. Doing The Right Things in life - Service Work, taking care of other people, treating others well, setting people up for success
3. Focus on the spiritual life - Fear can be a lesson, the material world is less important, live a peaceful life

Author Page:
LinkedIn: Kelli Dennehey Christina
Youtube: Kelli Dennehey Christina - YouTube
Kelli Dennehey Christina (@christina.kelli) • Instagram photos and videos
Kelli Dennehey Christina (@kelli.christina) • Instagram photos and videos
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