Karen Woolsey - “Can I Say Something”: What My Chef Taught Me About How I Communicate.

Toastmasters International Pathway Speech - The Project was exploring your communication styles. Dynamic Leadership Pathway Level 2 Project 2.
“Can I Say Something”: What My Chef Taught Me About How I Communicate

I. Introduction:
a. Getting dressed to go to a wedding in clothes that I’ve had for 25+ years
b. Some styles are timeless

II. Pathway Project: Discover my communication style
a. Took the TMI assessment tool twice – same results: I am a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNICATOR
b. No Surprise: been taking similar assessments since before I owned the dress I wore to the wedding: always come up similar.
c. What is a Supportive Communicator:
i. Calm, steady, approachable, sincere and gentle.
d. Can I change?

III. Question #4 from assessment tool:
a. Others would describe me as
i. Gentle How I see me
ii. Fun-loving
iii. Disciplined
iv. Directive How my staff probably see me
b. Chef Reyes: “Can I Say Something” means “will you not bite head off if I disagree with you.”
c. Being responsible for a department (residents satisfaction, regulatory compliance, financial obligations, etc) makes one become more directive.

IV. Other Styles
a. Initiating (social enthusiastic, energetic, spontaneous, fun)
i. I’m this way when motivating my team
b. Analytical ( precise, exact, analytical, logical)
i. As a RD, I can do that, too

V. Conclusion
a. Me: “Was I too nice?” Dining Room Manager: “No, you weighed the options and figured out how to get the employee what they wanted.”
b. Success with being both supportive and directive!
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