Justin Trudeau Can’t Remember Who Australia’s Prime Minister Is

7/1/22: On today’s show… Kevin Durant is galavanting around the NBA again, leaving the Nets in the dust (00:15:28); Justin Trudeau can’t remember who the Prime Minister of Australia is (00:44:25); and so much more…

(00:00:00) - Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time
(00:05:40) - Fun Fact: Costa Rica has a better life expectancy than the USA
(00:06:50) - Ralph Sonny Barger, Founder of the Hells Angels, dead at 83
(00:08:35) - Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in while SCOTUS rulings take out the EPA + Others
(00:15:28) - Kevin Durant can’t decide if he wants to play for the Heat or the Suns as he dumps the Nets
(00:18:20) - Carnival Cruises has another passenger brawl, this time it was an hour long
(00:22:15) - African Slugs are taking over Pasco County
(00:23:25) - Mark Zuckerburg Samurai Sword Rumors
(00:26:05) - Kaitlin Marie Armstron, alleged murderer of Mo Wilson, finally caught in Costa Rica

TikTok International Moment
(00:36:05) - Chile - Man disappears with 288X his monthly check accidentally paid out by Cold Cut company
(00:40:55) - Canada - Best Radio Station Rebrand of All Time
(00:44:25) - Spain - Trouble at the Moroccan border; Biden on Putin/Gas; Trudeau can’t remember Australian PMs name
(00:49:20) - Australia - Alleged Pedo Heiress, Sudden Bank Closures, and a Crab with a Knife (in Japan)

Hive Five
(00:55:45) - All the latest news from the Hive

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