Justin Downes | Ski Resort Development & Management In China

This episode continues our conversations exploring the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and some of the impacts and outcomes it will have on the country. It’s an event that will touch everyone in or involved with China and should have long-lasting effects well into the years following. Today we are talking with Justin Downes, President at Axis Leisure Management, a firm comprised of hospitality, leisure and business experts specializing in winter sports, hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, retail, golf courses, tourism authorities, entertainment companies and various other establishments related to the services and hospitality industries in China. We cover a range of topics including the before and now of the snow sports industry of China; what the preparations for the Olympics looks like through various lenses; ski resort development in China and the underlying economic factors, as well as a look at the future of winter sports in China in general and whether the government is on track to reach its aspirational goal of 300 million winter sports enthusiasts. Enjoy!

The Negotiation
Episode 116
November 2, 2021

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