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JUNEN , one of the leading metal mesh and machinery manufacturer in Taiwan, has been in the metal mesh industry for over 30 years. During these years, we have been servicing thousands and thousands of satisfied clients, both international and domestic.

Our reputation in the industry is well recognized. We have our own machinery factory and 6 factories which related to make various kind of metal mesh: i.e. Expanded Metal, Perforated Metal,Metal Conveyor Belt, Chain Link fence,Barbed Wire, Concertina Razor Barbed Tape, Welded Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Gabion Mesh, Rib Lath, Woven Wire Cloth, Filtration Screen, Battery Mesh, Angle Bead, Plaster Bead, Brick Reinforcing Mesh...etc.

We can also manufacture various kind of Metal Mesh Machines. In recently years, our R & D department has devoted their time and talent to design and develop of improve productivity also in adding the market of mesh machinery to our regular business lines, Because of it's competitive price and high quality, our machines have been sold to more than 50 countries in the world and well acclaimed. To share our experience of manufacturing the mesh products with our customers is the additional benefit to our machinery buyer. It's much important to run the machine with the most efficient way to increase the rate of production. We are the one who manufacture the machine and the one who knows the best way to make the most excelent mesh products.

Our company & factory was established in 1987. The headquarter located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We got the ISO 9001 certificate and all our products meet to the related international standard & regulation. We are the leading metal mesh and machinery manufacturer who introduce SAP Business management System in Taiwan. We are continuously improving our machines' productivity and the customer service to meet the customers' top satisfaction!

JUNEN , a reliable long-term partner in your metal mesh business.


00:00:00 JUNEN ENTERPRISE CORP. https://junen.en.taiwantrade.com/
00:00:07 ABOUT US We are one of the leading suppliers of Sheet Metal Solutions past 30 years. We have partnered with International companies from Europe and China for supply Laser Machines; Turret Punching Machines.
00:00:14 Welcome to JUNEN We produce machineries for expanded metal, barbed wire, concertina razor barbed wire, perforated metal, chain link fencing, gabion mesh, angle bead , hy-rib mesh, conveyor belts and other auxiliary machines
00:00:21 Junen Machine for making wire mesh Jiuen can provide a complete set of wire mesh machinery , including high-speed barbed wire mesh machine, high-speed spiral wire coiling machine, chain link fencing machine, barbed wire making forming
00:00:28 JUNEN Expanded metal mesh We are the expanded metal / perforated mesh / wire conveyor belt supplier of versatile which are all made from a high-quality metal sheet. Our expanded metal sheet is available in many sizes
00:00:35 JUNEN C-type Perforated Metal Machine(5ft) JUNEN C-type perforated metal machine is more flexible for small quantity but multi-pattern production that achieves higher efficiency and lower cost for each punching mould.It is best for various mes
00:00:42 JUNEN Rib Mesh Production Line See More JUNEN Machinery series JUNEN Expanded Metal Machine 1300 Series JUNEN C-type Perforated Metal Machine(4ft) See More See More
00:00:49 Get a quote TODAY! https://junen.en.taiwantrade.com/
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