July 2021 Voice of Supply Chain Show

The Voice of Supply Chain is a show hosted every single month to tell the stories of people that are doing unique and innovative things within the industry. You'll hear personal stories from leaders in the supply chain industry and how they've become the professionals they are. Today, we hear from Tamra Pawloski, a global woman procurement professional who has been a big advocate and proponent of women in the industry throughout her career. We explore everything from her early childhood to specific personal experiences she's had throughout her life.

✨ Video Highlights ✨
02:06 Tamra's childhood and favorite childhood memory
09:25 The most important thing Tamra learn in college that has helper her get to where she is today
17:40 Early beginnings in IT and tech sourcing
33:11 Becoming the VP of Software – Tamra's career progression journey
38:57 Closing out Tamra's time at Chubb and learning from trainwreck stories
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