Journey of a Civil Engineer - Swapnil Katiyar from Econstruct..

Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based Company.
We provide following Services in the Civil Industry.
1).Engineering Consultancy ( Structural Consultancy + BIM Consultancy + Project Management)
2).Contracting as a Civil Contractor
3).Corporate ON-JOB Trainings designed exclusively for Civil / Structural Engineers to gain real work experience and a CORE -TECHNICAL Placement.

We provide following courses

1).Master Study In Structural Engineering ( 7 to 12 months ON-JOB Learning Program)

2).Master Study in Project Management with BIM Technology ( 7 to 12 months ON-JOB Learning Program)

3).Master Study Composite Course in Structures + BIM + Project Management ( 12 to 14 months 0N-JOB Learning Program)

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This particular video ( A story of a Civil Engineer) was shot during a 4 Day Residential Workshop conducted by Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd for Civil / Structural Engineers.

This video is a experience shared by one of our Team Member - Swapnil Katiyar from UP. He has shared his Journey of becoming a Civil Engineer. This is also a story of many other Civil Engineers.

It is very unfortunate that Students are not getting skilled during 4 years of Engineering.
Many students have to struggle a lot to get a Core Technical Placement in the Civil Industry.
Government Exams are tuff to crack and sometimes lead to frustration in many students as the exam dates or the results are delayed indefinitely and Students end up feeling at a DEAD END.
Government Exam Aspirants find it difficult to enter in the Private Job if they miss the Government Job Opportunity as the Competition is also very high in that area.

Econstruct Provides Master Study Learning Programs so that civil engineers can get a Core Technical Placement.

This video is a real experience shared by Swapnil Katiyar.

Speaker of the video or the broadcaster do not have intension of disrepute anyone..

viewers discretions is advised.

We wish and Pray that you make a Successful Career in the Civil Industry.

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Thanks & Regards
Econstruct Team
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