Join us for "Optimization of Project Management Initiation and Planning"

To establish project management within the organization, it is important to provide a solid fundamentals of project management knowledge and methodology. This includes optimizing project management initiation and planning. Project management optimization is the basis for an organization to grow in project management maturity through enhancing efficiencies. An optimized project management organization understands the demands of their business and ensures that all processes are efficient (lean), effective and consistent. The objective of this optimization is to refine the Project Management (PM) process, validate the supporting PM infrastructure, and develop PM talent. This optimization served the client to accelerate their growth, maintain their transformational trajectory, and become more competitive within the industry vertical. Specifically, this study (presentation) will enumerate the most common errors and miss-outs in the project management initiation and planning stage and the best practices that counters and compensates these errors. The objective of this study (presentation) is to familiarize project management professionals on the common errors and miss-outs and how to get them right, to further improve their project management processes, resulting in a pro-active organization with uniform processes. In order to do so, an effort is necessary to understand the current work flow in the managing of projects and then identify and eliminate the gaps and waste inherent in those processes. As a result, an improved project work flow could be created and a standardized project management process landscape within the organization could be established.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the project management lifecycle
- Define project management based from several project management organizations
- Understand and learn the reasons why projects go wrong
- Understand and learn how to get things right in the project

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PSME Mechanical Design and Fabrication Technical Division.

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