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Radinta Cahya Artiyani (2110103011) as an Interviewer
Cahya Ramadani (2110103028) as an Applicant

Job Interview Text

Radinta : “Let's start with a tell me about yourself question. Who are you? What have you studied and what has been your experience ?”

Cahya : “Ok miss, thank you for the opportunity given. It’s a pleasure meeting you. Introducing my name is Cahya Ramadani. I am a fresh graduate from Tidar university with a concentration majoring in management. While in college I was actively involved in organizations to support my interest in business and communication. I feel worthy of this position because it is relevant to my abilities and fields. It is hoped that by working here, it can add new experiences and can also provide a perspective on the work in this position.”

Radinta : “So far? Why did you choose to study that particular major and at that particular school?”

Cahya : “I chose to study management because I have very broad job prospects with promising career paths. Almost all companies and industry need a manager. And I chose Tidar university because it has good accreditation and has good graduates.”

Radinta : “During your preparation for this interview I guess you thought about what you do the best, who are you biggest strength and how do you think our company would benefit from them?”

Cahya : “My time management skills are excellent and I consider myself a very organized and effective person.I´m highly adaptable and flexible which helps me to perform well and quickly in new situations. I'm a hard worker with the experience, contacts, and knowledge to contribute to the growth of the company.I am results-orientated, organized and enjoy working with people in diverse teams which I think really suits the company well and your culture. I have good interpersonal skills, I’m a real people person and enjoy helping teams to work better which I think fits the company culture very well.”

Radinta : “What about your development areas? What do you have identified as your greatest improvement areas and what have you done to improve them so far ?”

Cahya : “I feel nervous when I speak in front of many people. So as not to disturb with my work, I try to improve myself by staying calm, exhaling and trying to be confident. l’ll continue to practice more so that I won't be nervous anymore in public speaking.”

Radinta : “Tell me about a time when you were in change of a project within a deadline? Which was the project? How did you meet it?”

Cahya : “If the project deadline is changed the thing I will do is work on the project immediately and avoid any distractions. In order for the task to be completed quickly, collect focus and concentration as much as possible. So that the project can be completed on time.”

Radinta : “Tell me about a time when you showed initiative on the job? When was it? Which was the outcome?”

Cahya : “When there is a project I take the initiative to give an idea. Then when my idea is accepted I will explain the benefits and advantages of the idea. thereby minimizing failure.”

Radinta : “Tell me about a time when your communication skills helped at your job? When was it? and what did you do?”

Cahya : “Having strong communication skills helps in all aspects of life, from professional life to personal life and everything in between. We take it from a business point of view, all transactions result from communication. Good communication skills are essential so that others and yourself can understand information more accurately and quickly.”

Radinta : “Give an example of a situation where you had to deal with a conflict at work? What did it consists of? How was it resolved?”

Cahya : “If a company is in conflict, the usual thing to do is hold a meeting to resolve the issue. In this case, communication is also an important means to solve an ongoing problem.”

Radinta : “You know we are currently interview more candidates which is why I'd like to ask you Why should we hire you? Why should we choose you over other candidates?”

Cahya : “The appropriate qualifications, high confidence and abilities that I have, I believe will add to the strength of this company to move in a more positive direction. In addition to the appropriate qualifications for the position applied for, I have the ability that is very suitable to work in that position.”

Radinta : “Do you have any questions for me?”

Cahya : “Yes, I have. When is the announcement of acceptance of this job application?”

Radinta : “I think about two weeks. Just wait for notification from us. keep an eye on your email.”

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