JK SSB Notice for Syllabus

The Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board has advertised the
post of Jr.Programmer, Item No 308, Computer
Instructor/Operator, Item No 309, Kashmir Division, (Skill
Development Department) vide Advertisement Notification No. 07
of 2020 and Career Counselling Officer, Item No 074, UT Cadre,
(Labour & Employment Department) vide Advertisement
Notification No. 04 of 2020. The system for the said posts has been
furnished by the concerned Indenting Department which is notified as the
annexures to this notification.
pdf https://jkssb.nic.in/Pdf/Consolidated_Syllabi_for_the_post_of_Jr_programmer_Computer_Instructor_and_Career_Counseling_.pdf

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Algorithm and Programming Development, Program Structure, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Structures and Unions, Strings, Files.
2. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (RDBMS) Database System Concepts and Architecture, Data Modeling using E.R. Model (Entity Relationship Model), Relational Model, Normalization, Database Access and Security, MYSQL/SQL (Structured Query Language)
3. OPERATING SYSTEMS Process Management Functions (Principles and Brief Concept): Job Scheduler, Process Scheduler, Process synchronization. Memory Management Function (Principles and Brief Concept); Introduction, Single Process System, Fixed Partition Memory. System Loading. Segmentation, Swapping, Simple Paging System, Virtual Memory. I/O Management Functions (Principles and Brief Concept); Dedicated Devices, Shared Devices, I/O Devices, Storage Devices, Buffering, Spooling. File Management: Principles and Brief Concept, Types of File System; Simple file system, Basic file system, Logical file system, Physical file system. Dead Lock; Condition for Dead lock, Dead Lock Preventions, Dead Lock Avoidance.
Problem solving concept, top down and bottom up design, structured programming. Concept of data types, variables and constants, Concept of pointer variables and constants, Arrays, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues and Recursion, Trees. Search algorithm (Linear and Binary). Concept of sorting, sorting algorithms (Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Selection Sort. Merve Sort. Heap Sort) and their comparisons.
5. OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING USING CH Fundamentals of object oriented programming - procedure oriented programming. Object oriented programming concepts - Classes, reusability, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, dynamic binding, message passing, data hiding., Review of constructs of C used in C++ : variables, types and type declarations, user defined data types, increment and decrement operators, relational and logical operators, if then else clause; conditional expressions, input and output statement, loops, switch case, arrays, structure, unions, functions, pointers, preprocessor directives, Classes and Objects, Member Functions, Overloading Member Functions, Inheritance, Polymorphism and Virtual Functions, File and Streams.
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