[JICA-Net Library]An Overview of Kaizen, its Introduction and Dissemination (Full ver.)

"Kaizen" is a method developed and evolved at Japanese manufacturing factory sites for improvement of quality and productivity. This video material introduces and explains: (1) an overview of Kaizen, (2) dissemination of Kaizen, (3) Kaizen-related human resource development, and (4) specific cases of Kaizen in Africa and other countries.
JICA made "Kaizen Handbook" in 2018 for the purpose of dissemination of Kaizen. Along with the structure of the Handbook, this video material explains an overview and specific cases of Kaizen in order to enhance understanding and utilizing of Kaizen. This video material is expected to be utilized by organizations/companies which are interested in Kaizen as well as JICA projects and training programs.

■table of contents
00:00 1. An Overview of Kaizen, its Introduction and Dissemination
02:28 2. Overview of Kaizen
13:21 3. Dissemination of Kaizen
15:10 4. Kaizen-related Human Resource Development
18:16 5.Specific Cases of Kaizen
Japanese Full ver.→https://youtu.be/mkPAMYKwsOE

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