Jeff's Favorite Board Games of 2021

Jeff shares his ten favorite board games of 2021. This was an unusual year due to COVID as there weren't the usual number of board games getting reviewed at TGG. Keep in mind some of these games came out before 2021 but Jeff had his first experiences with them this year.

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0:00 Introduction
2:53 Dune Imperium from Dire Wolf Digital
7:02 Unforgiven: The Lincoln Assassination Trial from Green Feet Games
10:05 Funfair from Good Games Publishing
13:43 Crusader Kingdoms from Worthington Publishing
16:50 Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria from Daily Magic Games
20:53 Undaunted: North Africa from Osprey Games
24:05 Dragonrealm from Gamewright
26:43 Imperium: Classics from Osprey Games
29:13 Pan Am from Funko Games
34:43 The Shores of Tripoli from Fort Circle Games
37:05 Wrapping up
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