Javier Cabrerizo – Global MD at Prosegur – Technology as a key part of strategy

“I think technology is becoming a key part of strategy. I simply don't see how you're going to define a strategy without thinking how your technology is going to help or not help that strategy.”

How do you define your new operation model? What is “Come in” and what role does it play in the innovation strategy at Prosegur? Watch the interview and find out!

In this #LeadershipDeepDive episode Javier Cabrerizo, Global Managing Director at Prosegur talks with Hendrik Deckers about the organisation’s digital transformation, new approach towards innovation and data strategy. Prosegur, founded 40 years ago is present in 26 countries and provides wide scope of services related to corporate and private safety. Javier explains how technology is becoming an inseparable part of strategy and how he defined two key areas in the digital transformation:

✅ Operation model: the way you run the company
✅ Innovation model: the way you grow

Experience in startups, years with Oracle in the Silicone Valley, corporate environment - Javier has done it all and he learnt his lessons. He is a leader with a clear vision and a well-defined style that keeps him open to new technologies and solutions. “You cannot control the things that happen to you, but you do control the way you react to them”, he says and this has become my motto too! I highly recommend you watch the whole interview and take your learnings from this experienced top digital leader!

Every year CIONET nominates top CxOs as finalists of the European Digital Leader of the Year. Javier represents Spain in the B2B category. Join us on the special edition of #CIONEXT on November 10 at 14:30 CET where we will feature all the finalists of the B2B & B2C categories and announce winners. Register at https://www.cionext.com/

Table of contents:

01:19 | Introduction and Javier Cabrerizo’s background

05:05 | About Prosegur

06:05 | Drivers for change

07:50 | Javier’s focus within the transformation

08:28 | Operation model

13:17 | Automation of processes

14:52 | Innovation model

18:16 | Innovation challenges

22:36 | Internal innovation and entrepreneurship program

25:10 | Organisation of IT and Digital

27:31 | IT Operating Model

28:26 | Data strategy

32:11 | Cybersecurity

34:11 | Javier’s role in Prosegur

35:25 | Changing role of CIO

38:00 | Javier’s management & leadership style

43:16 | What drives Javier?

45:28 | MBTI: the Protagonist

52:12 | Personal mantra

54:19 | Javier’s core values

56:52 | Important mentors

59:11 | The best & worst moments in life

01:03:15 | Learning from mistakes

01:06:49 | Advice for people starting out
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