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These concepts of data structure act as oil to programming, whether it's any programming language. This course will help you become an expert in different data structures like the Arrays, stack, queue, linked list, Trees, Graphs, and Hash Tables, which would help crack any interview and write an optimized code that can benefit any organization. The introduction, application, advantages, and disadvantages of all data structures is discussed along with their implementation in java programming.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:32 Agenda
00:02:56 What is a data structure
00:06:00 types of data structure
00:16:13 Arrays introduction
00:29:29 Arrays implementation
00:55:40 advantages and disadvantages of array
01:01:27 Stack introduction
01:11:27 Stack implementation
01:33:49 Advantages and Disadvantages of Stack
01:35:41 Queue introduction
01:40:14 Queue implementation
02:06:00 Advantages and disadvantages of Queue
02:07:59 Linked List introduction
02:24:29 Linked list implementation
03:07:42 Advantages and disadvantages of Linked List
03:11:50 Binary Tree
03:15:05 Binary Tree implementation
03:36:41 Advantages and disadvantages of Binary tree
03:38:11 Binary Search Tree
03:41:33 Binary search tree implementation
03:54:55 Advantages and disadvantages of the binary search tree
03:56:24 Graphs
04:07:29 Breadth-First Search
04:37:06 Depth First Search
05:01:08 Hash Tables
05:14:05 Hashing implementation
05:25:47 Summary

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