Jahanum Se Kon Bachega? || #Spiritual Reminder || Ustaaz Waqeeh Ali

Jahanum Se Kon Bachega? || #Spiritual Reminder || Ustaaz Waqeeh Ali

جہنم سے کون بچے گا؟

الله نے اپنی رحمت، شفقت اور محبت کے ساتھ مخلوق کو پیدا کیا اور لیکن ساتھ میں یہ بھی بتایا کے ایک قوم کو میں جہنم میں انکے جرائم جی وجہ سے ضرور ڈالوں گا۔ تو وہ کونسی ایک خاص بات جو ہمیں جہنم سے بچائے گی؟

Al Midrar Institute is a state-of-the-art academic research, training and solution-providing enterprise, established with the objective to help people achieve excellence in every facet of their lives.

Our journey is fueled with a determination to assert the epistemic applicability of the Islamic Sciences in the contemporary world as a valid, relevant and effective answer to the ever-increasing and ever-changing problems of the human self, in both its individual and collective capacities.
To achieve this magnanimous goal, Al Midrar has toiled hard to develop a unique and inspiring range of Courses, Workshops, Counseling Sessions and other Customized Trainings based Islamic Blend if needed by concern.

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