It's Time To Name And Shame - WAN Show June 2, 2023

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:36 Intro
2:24 Topic #1 -TaiWAN Show
3:52 Linus's discusses how he feels after stepping down
6:20 Linus on the lack of PC gaming LTT videos
8:16 Microblade servers, recalling history of CPUs
10:04 ASUS's concept product on SC, NVIDIA & Intel's progress
15:06 Push of development in servers & its impact on gaming
19:01 Linus on the PCI-E Gens & speed, Luke on the Switch
23:06 Has Linus buried the hatchet with NVIDIA's Jensen? Discussing games
25:42 NVIDIA's market value hits $1T, thoughts on GeForce
34:27 Linus recalls company behaviors in the absence of competition
38:12 Retention of LTT's GPU video, Linus on the history of GPUs
40:42 Linus on GPU V.S. graphics card, NVIDIA's GPUs, AMD Uprising Campaign
45:42 LTTStore's new fleece lined jacket ft. Breakfast
47:34 Possible reversible garment
49:04 Linus on LTTStore's good merch reviews
49:56 Merch Messages #1
50:05 Would Linus & Luke fly to space? If so, where?
55:08 How do you think AI would affect gaming - lazy, polished or used conservatively?
59:53 How were you motivated to make LTT? Did you think of YouTube as a feasible career?
1:08:01 Topic #2 - GIGABYTE's motherboards UEFI backdoor exploit
1:09:52 GIGABYTE pushes out updates, discussing forced updates?
1:11:10 The human element is often neglected
1:13:56 Linus recalls the people behind projects & products
1:18:52 Luke on audiences wanting reviewers to say the same thing
1:21:42 Linus on collaborating with creators, LTX 2023
1:23:08 New NVIDIA rep, recalling NVIDIA's behavior & HU's controversy
1:30:46 Linus on the moves brands pull & change of agreements
1:39:52 Luke & Linus on past LTT's quantity goals
1:41:02 Topic #3 - Why LTT didn't cover Streacom on COMPUTEX
1:56:16 "Bait-&-switch," Kickstarter's terms V.S. morality
1:58:04 Sponsor - Backblaze ft. Trolling Dan
2:00:15 Sponsor - Squarespace
2:00:56 Sponsor - Blackpoint Cyber
2:02:07 Merch Messages #2 ft. AJ, Dan's on Linus's chair
2:03:28 Dedicated AI chips to be in future devices?
2:05:29 How did ShortCircuit get its name? ft. History of meetings
2:12:36 Challenges with Luke returning to LMG?
2:14:12 Topic #4 - Linus's pool contractor update
2:17:57 Linus on Coverstar, in-wall stairs
2:20:02 Slabs are ready, delay of two years
2:22:24 Unable to do the whole-room video cooling, recommendation
2:25:02 Two weeks of work left
2:25:32 Topic #5 - LTX 2023 update
2:25:56 Volunteers link are live, mentioning booths & events
2:28:22 List of creators coming
2:31:02 Topic #6 - Diablo IV's Q&A with “fan questions”
2:32:40 Topic #7 - Dolphin's Steam release postponed
2:35:38 Topic #8 - Reddit's API pricing
2:46:42 Topic #9 - Update on NEDA's AI help chatbot
2:48:18 Topic #10 - Meta Quest 3 to release this fall
2:48:50 Linus's "price tossing" example
2:49:26 Linus's interesting dinner with a billionaire
2:51:14 The Matrix reference, "little blue pills"
2:52:46 History of Apple Watch's & iPad release
2:56:00 Initial reaction to Apple's new products
2:58:08 Is LTT invited to WWDC 2023? "under the table money"
3:00:32 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show "After Dark"
3:01:52 Why not review the ROG Ally closer to the release date?
3:06:08 Most interesting thing you saw at COMPUTEX that wouldn't make a good video?
3:08:56 When Linus dies, who would you want to sponsor the funeral?
3:10:38 Did anyone kick Linus out when moving out of offices?
3:12:30 Any unshared stories of reps coming through to help you out?
3:13:42 Anything that made you excited but didn't make it to a video?
3:14:20 Physics add-in card that uses AI?
3:14:47 Thoughts on the modded 3070 with 16GB GDDR6?
3:15:44 What are some of the ways Yvonne feels celebrated?
3:21:15 What would the tech community desire but everyone regrets wanting?
3:22:34 Has there been a tech trend that surprised you in COMPUTEX?
3:29:32 FP Poll - Sponsor wants SC to unbox sealed N64s
3:32:51 Poll results, Linus Cars Tips
3:38:15 Standout food you've experienced in other countries?
3:38:48 Biggest challenges to overcome, and how did you do it?
3:43:45 What are Linus's favorite configs for daily socks?
3:44:25 How important is it to you when you don't want to be recognized in public?
3:45:56 What's the first home project Linus has done? ft. Alarm going off
3:48:01 What kind of things would Linus pick up in his free time?
3:48:28 Noticed improvements from the ROG Ally's update? TotK performance?
3:50:30 Do you carry any skills from your product manager days?
3:53:58 Outro
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