ITER Talks (3): The ITER Magnets

Based on an in-house series of lectures that ran in 2018, ITER Talks is part of a broader knowledge management program at the ITER Organization. The program aims to identify and preserve the knowledge and expertise that exists within the project, and to share and disseminate this knowledge both within the organization and globally, as a way to promote fusion. The series is fully supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which considers this initiative as a stepping-stone for other educational initiatives in the future.

In this third instalment—The ITER Magnets—former Magnet Division Head and current Senior Advisor at ITER, Neil Mitchell, takes a closer look at how magnets contain and control plasma inside the tokamak. He explains the key features that allow them to perform as expected, relates the incredible story behind the design and fabrication of ITER’s ground-breaking coils, and explains how the installation and assembly of the magnet system is going on site at ITER.
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