It is critical to have Riyad in the dressing room for the World Cup! #cricket #bangladesh

What will set Hathura apart from all other coaches who have worked for Bangladesh cricket thus far and what would make Hathura the most accomplished coach our nation has ever had? The equation is simple but can be equally daunting to achieve.

They say coaching is a leadership position which requires an in-depth understanding of how teams and individuals thrive and what sort of environment is needed for this. Coaches require a variety of skill sets which allow them to have oversight in every segment of running a professional cricket team.

This includes season and tournament preparation, man-management, building a team culture, managing relationships, recruitment, contracting, strategy, recruitment and management of support staff, practice and training facilities, media commitments, team logistics, team feedback loops and debriefs, consultants and all other services linked to a high performance professional sports team.

Coaches need to be able to successfully manage all different types of personalities so that each player has an opportunity to thrive.

Having said all that, every coach needs support from players who can drive the new culture or way of doing things. This can take time and to win these players over, requires trust, transparency and good connections.

On hindsight, I believe sometimes even the right-hand man can come up with better plans. A strong trusting relationship where a head coach can be challenged and receive frequent meaningful feedback is vital for every team.

What Hathura is trying to do here is take control of the dressing room. If the dressing room is healthy, results will automatically start showing. The real test starts now for Hathura and I sincerely he can accomplish things collectively with the team which has never been witnessed by Bangladesh cricket before.

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