Issue management - Beyond Clash Detection

The issues are not simply used for clash detection. They can be used to exchange information. We have introduced a new feature, called Custom Fields, in order to help users maximise the use of our issue system. This feature can help you to organize collaboration and improve your BREEAM score.
“A BREEAM certified rating reflects the performance achieved by a project and its stakeholders, as measured against the BREEAM standard and its benchmarks. The rating enables comparability between projects and provides assurance on performance, quality and value of the asset.” (source)

During this webinar, our speaker Julien Benoit (CCO at Catenda), will give you the necessary keys to better manage your issues.

- Schedule
- Custom Fields presentation
- Setup for CF
- Usage in the context of the Issue management
- Use cases


Catenda makes Bimsync, the open #BIM cloud based platform where information comes alive.

Bimsync is an open Common Data Environment that facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders in the AECOO industry. With its easy-to-use interface, intuitive 3D visualization, powerful issue management and secure digital data management, projects become easier to manage. Reduce risk, increase value and build better together.

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