ISO 21001 - Educational Organizations Management System | SIS Certifications

ISO 21001 certification is a globally recognized standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

This standard sets out the criteria for the implementation of the Educational Organizations Management System (EOMS) in your institution.

The primary objective of ISO 21001 is to meet the expectations of students as well as parents.
Key benefits of ISO 21001:
• Standardizes the delivery of effective and efficient educational services
• Improve learners' productivity
• Increase credibility of the educational institute
• Systematically improve quality of education
• Boosts the organization's reputation
• Increased satisfaction of learners
• Stimulation of excellence and innovation

ISO 21001 standard can be applied to any organization that deals with curriculum-based teaching, learning, and research activities, regardless of its type, size or complexity.
For Example:-
 Educational Institutions- School, University, and College
 Professional Training Departments

The point to be noted:
ISO 21001 Standard is not applicable to those organizations that deal with the production of educational products or materials.

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