Is your dog overweight? How to Body Condition Score

In this week’s AbsoluteDogs TV Episode, we discuss:

This is probably one of the most important videos you are going to watch today!

In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast Tom and Lauren are diving into the importance of canine body condition and how weight plays an immense and vitally important role in the health, wellbeing and long-term wellness of our dogs!

Do you find yourself struggling with knowing how much to feed your dog?

Does your dog continue to stack on weight even though you follow feeding instructions on food packages to the letter?

Do you know what your dog’s perfect weight looks like – or what any dog should look like when they are at their ideal body weight?

Do you often add fresh food to your dog’s diet, or do you stick to food from packets and cans only?

From top tips on how you can be more considerate of what you’re putting into your dog’s diet, to becoming more aware of your dog’s ideal body condition as well as how much they should be eating, when NOT to listen to the back of that packet AND more, this episode is jam-packed with some seriously important learning that is going to set you and your dog up for absolute success when it comes to correct body weight, healthier eating and knowing what’s best for your dog!

PLUS, here’s that handy Body Condition Score chart we’ve created for you! Download it, pop it on the fridge or the dog food cupboard and you’ll always have it to hand when you need it! https://absolutedogs.me/bodycondition

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From how to choose what your dog eats and get creative about how you use your dog’s food, to weight management strategies and how to combat feeding struggles, it’s all here!
- Not sure how to Ditch the Bowl in a multi-dog household?
- Concerned about how to transition your dog from regular bowl-fed mealtimes?
- Worried your dog is going to start mugging you for food?

We have you covered! Tom and Lauren bring you all their top tips and troubleshooting strategies as well as answering your feeding-related questions. Whether you’re brand new to the idea of Ditch the Bowl, or it’s all your dog has ever known, this super course is jam-packed with value!

AND not only do you get lifetime access to this in-depth teaching, but the course also has a practical component! Dive in and join our very own Bake Off Queen Michelle in the kitchen to learn how to whip up tasty treats and exciting enrichment options for your dog!

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You absolutely CANNOT miss this episode, so dive in and have a listen


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