Is the Crypto Bull Market Over | Dan Tapiero and Dan Morehead

On today's episode of On The Margin, Mike Ippolito is joined by Dan Morehead of Pantera Capital & Dan Tapiero of 10T. With collectively over 40 years in the hedge fund business at notable firms such as Tiger Management, before later pivoting to crypto in 2014, these two provide a unique insight into the growth of the crypto industry and just how big it could become over the next decade.

Dan & Dan share their Macro outlook for 2022, the bursting of the U.S bond market, how crypto today compares with 2017, what the next big picture macro trade is, the mainstream adoption of crypto & discuss whether the bull market is over.
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00:52・Macro Outlook For 2022
07:37・A Period Of Secular Inflation
21:19・Crypto Bull Market: 2017 vs 2021
23:56・Fireblocks Ad
25:20・Is The Bull Market Over
38:17・Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0
43:33・Bitcoin vs Gold
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