Is NLE Destroying the Health System of Pakistan? Ft. Dr. Faisal Sultan | The Pakistan Pivot

In conversation with Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health, this episode discusses different topics such as issues between medical students/doctors and PMC, Pakistan’s handling of Covid-19, dengue, and many more. What was the thought process behind the establishment of Pakistan Medical Council? How did the PMC deal with the logistical and structural issues during exam? Does the system (in Pakistan) have the capacity to absorb 20,000 medical graduates every year? Is government looking into the opportunity to initiate medical tourism in Pakistan? How to improve the quality of government hospitals in Pakistan? What was the thought process behind initiating health card system? Is government planning to reform Punjab’s health system by issuing health cards as it did in KP? What are the issues in management that dengue has become such a big crisis situation in Pakistan this year? What are the steps that the government focused on to mitigate Covid-19 crisis in Pakistan? How’s the government dealing with the issues of vaccine reluctance and fake vaccine certifications? What is Pakistan’s plan on Covid-19 booster shots? How is Pakistan going to go about population management in purview of such a large population bilk in country? What is the future of health system in Pakistan?

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00:00 Introduction
00:51 PMC, NLE Exam, and MDCAT: Background
04:58 Private Sector’s stake in authority in the past
11:40 Criticism on Logistical and Structural Issues
18:41 Process of NLE for Pakistani and Foreign Graduates
22:30 Capacity of System to Absorb High Number of Graduate and Brain-drain
22:45 Medical Tourism in Pakistan
27:00 Improving the Quality of Government Hospitals
30:28 Emplacing Health Card System in Pakistan
33:19 Health reforms in Punjab
35:26 Rising Cases of Dengue and Failure on Management Part
39:23 Covid-19 and steps towards its mitigation
47:28 Covid-19 Vaccination in Pakistan
49:00 Awareness Campaigns in wake of Vaccine Reluctance and Fake Vaccine Certifications
51:08 Plans on Booster shots
54:44 Population Management in Pakistan
59:03 Future of Pakistan’s Health System in Pakistan
01:01:50 Outro
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