Is Europe Plus One a Big Opportunity for Indian Stocks? | Vivek Bajaj

Unlike China +1, which was widely discussed worldwide, Europe +1 has emerged in India lately. In this desperate war situation, European industrialists are actively exploring options for relocating their production elsewhere. Thus coining the opportunity for other countries as Europe +1. India's low energy & labour costs and enhanced ease of doing business make it a suitable alternative for some European companies to relocate production. Watch the video where I, Vivek Bajaj, will help you find stocks that can benefit from Europe +1.

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00:00 - Key Highlights
00:26 - The China Plus One Strategy!
01:15 - The Europe Plus One Strategy!
04:33 - Stock (BASF) getting benefitted from Europe +1
07:37 - Stock (Schaeffler) getting benefitted from Europe +1
08:52 - Sector (Casting & Forgings) getting benefitted from Europe +1
10:35 - Some more companies that are getting benefitted from Europe +1
11:22 - What can go wrong for India in this Europe +1?
12:58 - What to do for Europe +1?
13:57 - Wrap Up
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