Is Engineering Management In USA Really Worth it?

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In this video, we talk about Pursuing a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke University. We discuss what to expect and whether or not it's worth it to pursue a masters degree in engineering management in the USA.
Bhavika is pursuing her mAsters from Duke University in Engineering Management and shares her testimonial.
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0:00 = Intro
0:30 = Bhavika’s Introduction
1:48 = Her Work Experience
2:24 = What is Customer Success Management?
3:28 = Why Masters after working for 6+ years?
5:00 = Advice for Women pursuing Masters
9:10 = Going back to Education after 6+ years of working
10:40 = College Admits & Why Duke University?
12:47 = How to Connect with Seniors?
15:06 = Why Engineering Management?
17:22 = Visa Interview Experience
18:50 = Dealing with Homesickness
22:51 = Tuition Fees for MEM & Cost of Living
26:16 = Getting On-Campus Job
31:20 = Interview for On-Campus Job
32:48 = Pay range for On-Campus Job
34:26 = Engineering Management Course Structure
37:25 = Job Roles after MEM
38:38 = Words of Wisdom
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