IRDR BSc Seminar: Gender Analysis

The humanitarian context often drives a particular kind of action-based response. This has been called the 'tyranny of the urgent' in which addressing immediate needs takes precedence over consideration of deeper structural issues of inequality and discrimination. Where then would the need for gender analysis fit when considering priorities for response? When people are starving or at risk of violence, is there time to consider gender? This lecture explores what gender analysis is, what it can do and why it is important.

Professor Maureen Fordham is the Director of the Centre for Gender and Disaster at IRDR. She is also the Coordinator of the Gender and Disaster Network. She has been working on various aspects of disasters since the late 1980s and has a particular interest in gender, vulnerability and resilience, and in community and grassroots led disaster management. Currently she is leading the UKRI Collective Fund award 'Gender Responsive Resilience and Intersectionality in Policy and Practice (GRRIPP) - Networking Plus Partnering for Resilience' project. She is also a partner in the EU Horizon 2020 project RiskPACC (Integrating Risk Perception and Action to enhance Civil Protection-Citizen interaction).
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