IPCW: Pond Data & Climate Change - Part 2 (Tribute & Panel Discussion)

IPCW: Pond Data & Climate Change - Part 2 - In late 2021, our Island community lost a dear friend, trusted advisor, scholar, and a gentleman who epitomized all the best of the Vineyard, Kent Healey. Filmmaker, Ollie Becker, shared an early look at his Great Pond film footage in honor Kent Healey. A panel discussion on how scientists and managers can work together to combat the impacts of a changing climate using data driven management follows.The Great Pond Foundation presents a 3-part Zoom workshop featuring presentations and panel discussions from fellow pond managers, scientists, and advocates. This series highlights issues that impact ponds and watersheds across Martha’s Vineyard and supports Island-wide collaboration, communication, and action among pond groups. This workshop was made possible thanks to support from the Edey Foundation.
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