Ioanna Katapidi | Webinar Circular Territories - Sesión 2

Ioanna Katapidi, University of Birmingham. "Community participation in heritage management: Reflections on industrial heritage in China".

Contemporary urban areas and local resources are affected by episodes of abandonment and disuse. Urban planners and architects have examined
experiences of reactivating such sites and addressed these problems by adopting new socially innovative strategies. Indeed, social innovation encourages practices that respond to the social and spatial problem by creating innovative solutions for the community and enhancing the value of assets in the long term. These practices generate a new sense of belonging to the place and develop a wide network of local activists and associations able to promote structural impact and economic growth. At the heart of the debate are social enterprises and non-profit entities who want to create social benefits, new cultural opportunities and economic solutions that make better use of local resources. Heritage plays a central role in this as it provides the space for community participation and builds social awareness which can activate processes of reappropriation and reactivation.
This session focuses on social innovation in the heritage of urban settlements, where public participation and social enterprises play an important role in the regeneration process.
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