investment strategy for beginners

A full guide for beginners on how to start investing, how to define a strategy. Strategy depends from risk profile, N1 rule - more risk = more reward.

00:00 greetings & disclaimer
00:06 main question to start investing
00:10 risk reward rule
00:17 advanced strategies capital allocation example
00:27 risk tolerance and capital allocation
00:30 the strategy: index replication
00:39 investors categories
00:43 average investor
00:48 conservative investor
01:00 risky investor
01:07 my portfolio management style
01:13 how start investing my opinion (not a recommendation)
01:41 table with benchmarks
02:00 replication strategy's pros and cons
02:10 volatility & emotions
02:33 how to get stock market and crypto news sentiment analysis
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