Inventor 2024.1 What's New

Discover the latest features and improvements in Autodesk Inventor 2024.1 in this comprehensive video series.

Explore how we've enhanced the user experience with the introduction of a finish parameters filters, geometric text in flat patterns, and user guides for custom elbows. We also cover symbol support in notes, exporting all finish parameters, iComponent support for 'Finish' features and tons more!

Watch now to learn about all these updates and make your design process more efficient and intuitive. We appreciate your feedback in helping us shape the future of Inventor.

00:53 Cancel Sketches
02:12 Referenced Parameters
03:04 Sweep Sketch Visibility
03:48 Plane Display Names
04:55 Remember “Heal Remaining Faces”
05:24 Geometry Text – Flat Patterns
05:53 Adding Participants
06:43 Paste at Mouse Location
07:29 Dropdown List
07:58 Edit Constraints
08:23 Finish Eye Dropper
09:07 Export all Finish Parameters
09:44 iComponent support for ‘Finish’ Parameters
10:03 Finish Feature List
10:36 Delete Origin Indicator
11:16 DWG Border Control
12:08 Illegal Table Characters
12:58 General Surface Profile Tolerance
13:33 Add/Delete Vertex
14:01 Finish Node in iLogic
14:22 Default Bend Radius
14:44 T&P Circular Edges
15:19 Self-Draining Style Warning
15:51 Copy/Paste iProperties
16:50 Mark Layers DXF/DWG
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