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Intune Design decisions series part 9 video about reporting:

Intune Design Decisions Video Series playlist - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL67vGzo-INWPU2cmc5xHMcXr_sjO6iVgb

What are Intune Reports?

Intune Reports are there to help IT admins effectively monitor and analyze different workloads in Intune.
You can use Intune reporting to monitor endpoint compliance, health, and trends in your organization.
The most popular reports are Operational reports, and these are the reports used by admins several times in a day. These types of reports are there mainly for Status reporting.

Intune Reports – Operational?

Operations reports in Intune portal are the most popular types of reports and it’s useful to check the status of the deployments and troubleshooting. Audit reports are also operational reports (?).
Timely – These types of report provides almost live data.
Focused – Provides the reports on specific workloads.
Actionable – You can act after analyzing these types of reports.

Intune Reports – Permissions?

Who can Access Intune Reports? AAD Global Admins, Intune Service Admins, and Intune Role Based Admins (App Manager, Helpdesk Admin, Policy Manager, etc…) with READ access.
Azure AD Roles with Intune Data Access.
All Intune Data
Intune Audit Data

Intune Reporting Tiles?

Intune Reporting tiles are there to help admins to get a quick overview/status of overall health and deployment status for your tenant. There are reporting tiles of each Intune Objects (Apps, Policies, etc…)
Home – Provides the high-level overview Intune tenant and latest news from Microsoft.
Dashboard– Create personalized dashboard for Intune status.
Devices Overview – Provides overview of Enrollment Status, Enrollment Alerts, etc.
Apps Overview – Provides high-level overview of App deployment failure, etc…

Intune Audit Reports?

Intune Audit Reports help admins to review change related activities from Intune portal. This is basically Audit logs, but you can export these into a CSV file.
Audit logs cover the automated tasks initiated by Intune services and admin-initiated tasks!

Intune Reports Node?

Intune Reports node helps to Monitor the health and activity of your endpoints.
Intune Reports node is the primary place where the default reports and all the other reporting related workloads are in the portal.
Different Reporting Workloads:
Device Management
Endpoint Security
Windows Autopatch
Intune Data Warehouse
Azure Monitor

Intune Device Compliance Reports?

Intune device compliance reports are part of device management default reports. This gives overall device compliance trend for your tenant.
You can drill down with following reports:
Device compliance - See the compliance status of your devices. Shows the number of devices that are compliant and the number that need extra attention.
Device compliance trends - See the trend of compliance status of your devices over time. Shows device compliance over 60 days.
Noncompliant devices and settings - See each device that is not compliant with policy alongside the compliance policy settings these devices are not compliant with.
Devices without compliance policy (preview) - See each device that doesn’t have at least one compliance policy assigned to it.

Intune Device Configuration Profile Reports

Intune device Configuration Profile default reports are focused on various Configuration Policies deployed within your tenant and the current trends of those.
Profile configuration status Report - This helps to filter through all device configuration profiles to see their current status on assigned devices.

Intune Group Policy Analytics Reports

Intune Group Policy Analytics reports are here to help you with the status of Group Policy settings migration to Intune policies.
Group policy migration readiness – This report helps to view more details about the readiness of your Group Policy for modern management.
Summary Details of Group Policy Analytics:
Ready for Migration
Not Supported

Intune Windows Updates Reports

Intune Windows Updates reports are nothing but Intune patching reports. You can get the basic reports for different workflows in Intune WUfB patching.
Summary Details Windows Updates Reports:
Windows Feature Update Report - Generate a report for Windows feature update status.
Windows Expedited Update Report (Preview) - Generate a report for Windows quality update status.
Windows Feature Update Device Readiness Report (Preview) - Select a target version of Windows and generate a report of device update readiness status.
Windows Feature Update Compatibility Risks Report (Preview) - Select a target version of Windows and generate a report of app and driver compatibility risks.
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