Introductions to BEAM Enterprise Asset, Maintenance, Facility, Fleet and Energy Management Software

BEAM: It is an enterprise maintenance and asset management system with the asset, maintenance (periodic, preventive, predictive), staff, energy, purchasing, fleet and spare part inventory management capabilities. BEAM has reputable national and international references.

Synergy: Synergy is the business process automation platform that comes with document management and capture capabilities.

Synergy CSP is the latest content services platform, which is native-cloud, permission-based, scalable, traceable with modern security features. Synergy CSP is server-free and operating-system free; it means you can use Synergy CSP anywhere and anytime.

With Synergy CSP, you can do the following and more:
*Automate your business processes,
*Manage your tasks remotely, digitally,
*Access your documents and records from anywhere,
*Collaborate with your teams,
*Get rid off the paper and digitize your business processes.

Here are some applications that you can enjoy on Synergy CSP:
* Contract management,
* CRM,
* Vendor management,
* Legal document management,
* Change management,
* Expense management,
* HR onboarding/offboarding,
* Purchasing management,
* Loan automation,
* Vendor approval application,
* RFP management application,
* Training management,
* Many more.
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