Introduction to Performance Management System- Lecture01- Performance Management

Dr. Muhammad Hafeez
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Introduction to Performance Management System-
Lecture01- Performance Management

Course Synopsis
This course on Performance Management System (PMS) assists in clearing the concept of employee performance. Managing employees’ performance not only means evaluation, but it includes all the steps initiated from setting performance standards, preparing employee to perform, providing required resources, continuous guidance and then evaluating their performance. To reinforce the desired behaviors rewards and punishments are connected with evaluation. Therefore, PMS involves, performance planning, evaluating and rewarding. Better understanding of the course assists in improved organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Course Learning Outcomes
Course Objectives

Describe and explain the concept and significance of PMS
Improve organizational efficiency through human productivity
Align personal goals with the organizational goals
Clearly demonstrate what is valued by the organization

Lesson No:1 Course Overview
Lesson No:2 Introduction to Performance Management
Lesson No:3 Impact of Performance Management System
Lesson No:4 Reward systems
Lesson No:5 Ideal PMS
Lesson No:6 Integration of PMS with HRM
Lesson No:7 PM process; Prerequisites & Performance Planning
Lesson No:8 PM process; Performance Execution
Lesson No:9 PM process; Performance Review, Renewal and Re-contract
Lesson No:10 Strategic Planning, Purposes of strategic planning
Lesson No:11 Strategic Planning, Environmental Analysis
Lesson No:12 Importance of PMS
Lesson No:13 Performance Standards
Lesson No:14 Performance and its determinants
Lesson No:15 Performance dimensions and measurement
Lesson No:16 Diagnosing the causes of poor performance
Lesson No:17 Measuring performance against standards
Lesson No:18 Measuring performance against standards; continued…
Lesson No:19 Measuring behaviors
Lesson No:20 Measuring behaviors; continued…
Lesson No:21 Measuring behaviors; rating scales
Lesson No:22 Appraisal forms
Lesson No:23 Evaluation of Appraisal Forms
Lesson No:24 Performance Information Sources
Lesson No:25 Rating issues
Lesson No:26 Communication Plan for PMS
Lesson No:27 Appeal Process in PMS
Lesson No:28 Rater Training Programs
Lesson No:29 Pilot Testing of PMS
Lesson No:30 Personal Development Plans
Lesson No:31 360 Degree Feedback System
Lesson No:32 360 Degree Feedback System; continued
Lesson No:33 Coaching Styles and Processes
Lesson No:34 Coaching Styles and Processes; continued
Lesson No:35 Dynamics and Purposes of Feedback
Lesson No:36 Performance Review Meeting
Lesson No:37 Pay Plans
Lesson No:38 Pay Structures
Lesson No:39 Laws Affecting Performance Management
Lesson No:40 Team Performance
Lesson No:41 Evaluating Team Performance
Lesson No:42 Rewarding Team Performance
Lesson No:43 Performance Management Software
Lesson No:44 Performance Management System; a quick overview
Lesson No:45 Performance Management System; a quick overview; continued…
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