Introduction to Management Fundamentals

In this course, I will go through the mind set shift and change in focus required from being an individual contributor (manager of self) to becoming a manager of others. I will take you through typical mistakes that a first time manager makes and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

You will learn about the importance of managing perceptions and dealing with shifts in relationships now that your status has changed. We will look at Stakeholder management and team dynamics, two critical areas that you will need to get your mind around.

We will look at the different management styles and how you can use those effectively to complement the personalities that you have to deal with, at why authenticity and congruence are so important and how even as a manager, you can incorporate leadership traits that will ensure that people buy into your vision and come along with you for the journey.

Lastly, we will look at support mechanism’s that you can lean on ….despite what it may feel like, you are not alone.

Management Fundamentals: Tools and Techniques for New Managers. This course is available on the Udemy online platform on

the Skillshare online platform​
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