Introduction to Management and Organizations (Lecture 1) | P.O.M

Introduction to Management and Organizations (Lecture 1) | P.O.M |ITB.
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Course Description: Have a broad understanding of contemporary management practices and theories. Understand the management functions. Develop technical and conceptual skills. Possess an idea into the development of human and decision-making skills.

Course Objective: This course aims at providing basic understanding of general principles of Management applicable to various situations at different levels of organizations. Through lectures, assignments and case studies the students will be expected to develop an overall view of Management processes and acquire a synthesizing framework, which will help in systematic analysis of day-to-day management situations. The course is intended to prepare the students for different functional areas of management as well as to equip them with a broad perspective for reintegration of those functional areas in other courses.

Course Contents:
1. Introduction to Management and organizations
2. Evolution of management as a science
3.Management skills and managerial roles
4.Organizational culture and the external environments
5.Social responsibility and ethics
6.Decision Making
7.Basic planning techniques and the Hierarchy of Plans
8.Organizational structure and design/classification of organizations
9.Human Resource management
10.Change and innovation
11.Motivation: Classical and Contemporary Theories
12.Leadership: Models and Theories
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