Intro to Portworx CSI Driver - Persistent Container Storage on Nomad and Kubernetes

In this talk, we cover how you can deploy containers that utilize persistent storage utilizing the Portworx CSI Driver. We show how the Portworx storage platform can be used across different popular container orchestrators Nomad and Kubernetes with the CSI abstraction layer.

We do a deep dive on how to dynamically create CSI volumes and use them in a Nomad job. In addition, we’ll cover a variety of Nomad & Portworx features such as shared volumes, snapshotting, and volume cloning! Lastly, we cover some of the differences and similarities between Kubernetes and Nomad CSI for both end-users and CSI plugin maintainers.

The talk focuses on Nomad with references and comparisons to how Kubernetes works from the perspective of a CSI contributor to both Kubernetes and Nomad.

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