Intro to Cooperative Governance & Management

How do you spread ownership and control across a group of people? In this 30 minute teach-in, Sustainable Economies Law Center's Ricardo Nuñez sped through a very short introduction to the principles and practices of democratic governance and management for worker cooperatives and worker self-directed nonprofits! He discussed
- Governance & Management in Worker Coop Corporations & Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits, and
- Board of Directors Roles & Responsibilities

He was also be joined by a Kieron Slaughter, Chief Community Development Officer at the City of Berkeley’s Office of Economic Development, who shared how Berkeley businesses can access the Berkeley Revolving Loan Fund, particularly in light of the coop-friendly amendments that went into effect in 2020 and the influx of CARES-funded no/low-interest loans (so exciting!).

We’d like to thank the City of Berkeley for sponsoring this event and making more resources available to grow the cooperative economy in Berkeley!

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner thinking about succession planning or transitioning to an employee owned company, or a worker coop with worker-members or candidates looking to skill up (Principle 5!), this training is for you!
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