Intro to Apple Search Ads - Setup Your First Campaign (Tutorial)

In this tutorial I explain the difference between Basic and Advanced Apple Search Ad Campaigns and show you how to set up your first advanced campaign. We discuss keyword strategy (with negative keywords) and audience segmentation.

I give some tips to make sure your app is setup for success and during the screen sharing tutorial I discuss various strategies for your Apple Search Ad Campaigns.

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This is a clip from my new indie dev podcast called Build, Ship, Profit.

Build, Ship, Profit is a new podcast that teaches you how to earn income from the apps you build. This show is unique because you will learn growth strategies AND watch me implement them into my own app to follow along with the results, good or bad. I share all my numbers from daily active users to monthly recurring revenue. Let's grow together!

Build, Ship, Profit covers topics like:
- App Store Optimization
- Apple Search Ads
- Pricing, Marketing, & Growth strategies
- Paywall optimizations
- User Acquisition (Downloads)
- Retention strategies - keeping those users
- Get Ratings & Reviews so you can rank high organically in the App Store

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0:00 - Basic vs. Advanced
1:22 - Before you setup a campaign…
1:50 - Tutorial - How to setup your first campaign
6:56 - Cost Per Tap Advice
8:57 - Ad Spend Strategy Tip
9:54 - Keywords
12:09 - Audience Targeting
13:38 - My Initial Experiment Results
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