INTERVIEW Scott Snitzer Free Will, NPC's, Perception Management, Improving Day to Day Life, & More

[*PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER BELOW] Hello everyone, I hope you find yourselves well. Today Scott Snitzer will be joining us for an interview and open discussion covering the following topics: 1) Perception Management, 2) NPC's, 3) Free Will, 4) Improving Day to Day Life, 5) Nutrition, 6) Making Sense of Yourself & Others, 7) Electronic Dissolution of Memory, & 8) Frequencies.
This is the second time Scott & I have talked on stream with the first being over on Odysee. We do plan to have future discussions over there again this year, but I really wanted to make sure that Scott's channel was known to you all. He does some incredible deep research and actually provides helpful tips and solutions on how to improve day to day life. Of course there are always the positives and negatives we have to push through while here in this matrix. You can expect blunt and well sourced material from Scott almost every video, so please make sure to check him out, subscribe, and hit the bell to stay informed.



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