Interoperable Physical Asset Data Management and Digital Twins using Knowledge Graphs

A perennial problem in the Construction, Infrastructure and Engineering Asset industries is managing the information about physical assets required for a multitude of processes. More recently, physical asset data is becoming part of Digital Twin projects. To support asset data exchange, many companies are now using RDF-based Object Type Libraries (OTL). An OTL is a library of classes and properties that describe the kinds of assets and their characteristics. In some disciplines, OTLs are called Reference Data Libraries or Engineering Class Libraries.

One large barrier to shared data across Digital Twins and other large engineering, infrastructure or construction projects is that it has often the case that each project defines its own OTL creating the need for new interfaces for each project when integrating with the company central asset database and other internal applications.

In this webinar, we show how:
• applying standards-based knowledge graph technology offers a completely new approach
• standardized work processes and key activities supported by a knowledge graph-based data management and governance environment can support industry exchange requirements
• data in a database can be visualized in two different structures: the construction company’s own structure, and the structure used by the customer
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